5 Keys to Muscle Building and a Healthier Body

Glad you decided to read on, in this article I am going to outline what I believe are 5 keys step to building Muscle and getting a healthier body. You might think some of these are obvious, but you and me would probably be surprised how many people do not follow these simple guidelines, when attempting to change their body in a positive manner. Right Here we go:

The first key


  • Any positive change in your body shape requires commitment and durability, all too often people start a supposedly radical shift in training and intensity, however after a few attempts at this and a bit of pain and suffering, they quit or find excuses to stop.:I’ll do it later or I am too tired today. How is anybody going to change a few years of wrong doings or simple mistakes, if they do not stick at it for a sustained period of time,so the mistakes become a thing of the past for you. How could anybody think that they could change years of mistakes/wrong doings in a matter of days,without being about to stick at it and see it through to the end, thus totally believing in what they are trying to achieve


Without this COMMITMENT & DURABILITY, the never-ending cycle continues, your attempts thwarted by your self doubt. Inside you secretly believe that you cannot change, this means your body is just waiting for a reason to say no more. Do not give it, push through the pain and strain, focus on your ultimate goal. Whatever it may be.

The second key


  • Nutrition is without doubt a vital component . You are probably thinking nutrition does not matter as much as exercise. I am just working out, not changing my diet. However you would be mistaken. Nutrition is one of the most important factors affecting any change in body shape or muscle building. For example, say you are trying to build muscle and you are eating all fatty stuff after you have a workout. The effect will not be positive, because you are giving your muscle the wrong¬†Muscle Building Supplements In US 2023 ingredients to help all your hard work, thus making all your strain and effort in the gym a pointless exercise and waste of time.


Whereas the right nutrition all day long can benefit any hard work you have done. Such a slower levels of fat, higher levels of vitamins and minerals ( a good dose of Protein is essential in any persons diet for building muscle). All this is just common sense really – but incredibly important to any body with improvement in mind.

The Third key


  • Nothing can work without a plan, planning out what are you trying to achieve with your exercise. Lose Fat. Build Muscle. Health improvement. For each one your needs have to be balance with possible exercises and your ability to perform them. For example: if you are looking to build muscle, then doing bags of cardio exercise is probably not the best for you and your goals.