Rep. Adolph Votes for Historic Reform Legislation Reducing the Size of the Pennsylvania State Legislature
HARRISBURG- Rep. Adolph (R-Delaware) was one of 140 votes that helped pass House Bill 153, arguably the most historic piece of reform legislation to move out of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in recent history.

House Bill 153 would amend Section 16 of Article II of the Pennsylvania Constitution by reducing the number of legislative districts in the House of Representatives from 203 to 153 and reducing the number of senatorial districts in the Senate from 50 to 38.

“This legislation is a historic step in reforming state government so it is more efficient, less expensive and better able to address important issues facing Pennsylvania. I am glad that by supporting this legislation, we send a loud and clear message to Pennsylvanians that we are serious about reforming state government,” said Adolph.

The Constitutional amendment contained in House Bill 153 must pass the General Assembly in two consecutive sessions and will then be placed on the ballot as a referendum question to be approved by the citizens of Pennsylvania. If a majority of voters vote in favor of the question, the Constitution will be amended.

Adolph added, “The process to amend the Pennsylvania Constitution is unique because each and every Pennsylvania voter will be able to weigh in on the issue. My vote to support House Bill 153 not only demonstrated my commitment to reform, but it also empowers the voters of Pennsylvania to add their voice to the debate and gives them the opportunity to vote on the referendum that would ultimately amend the Pennsylvania Constitution.”

House Bill 153 now moves to the Senate for consideration.

State Representative William Adolph
165th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact: Mike Stoll 
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