Representative Adolph Elected as House Republican Appropriations Chairman

Chairman Adolph advocates fiscal responsibly during tough economic times


State Rep. Bill Adolph (R–Delaware) was elected today by his colleagues as the new Republican Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee. In fulfilling this new leadership role, Adolph will serve the House Republican Caucus as a primary budget negotiator and help oversee the state’s fiscal policies.


“First and foremost, I am extremely honored to serve my caucus as chairman of the Appropriations Committee,” said Adolph. “For my colleagues to entrust me with the responsibility of representing our caucus at the budget table during these tough economic times is humbling, and I look forward to the challenges ahead.”


Adolph takes over the reins of the Appropriations Committee during the most tumultuous economic period Pennsylvania has faced since the Great Depression. Coming off last year’s $3.25 billion budget deficit and the correlating 101-day budget impasse that followed, Adolph will likely face many of the same obstacles in the coming year’s budget that complicated the 2009-10 spending plan.


During this summer’s budget impasse, House Republicans fought for a plan that controlled state spending; held the line against tax increases; and preserved the state’s emergency reserve funds to better prepare for the future. Adolph was among those who advocated the caucus’s $27.5 billion proposal, which met each of the aforementioned goals.


Unfortunately, the concerns expressed by Adolph and House Republicans were cast aside during the closing weeks of negotiations in favor of a more expensive spending plan – one that increased taxes and completely drained the state’s reserve funds. This move resulted in the state again facing another budget deficit this year.


 “We are essentially facing the perfect storm in terms of the state’s economic future,” Adolph said. “Pennsylvania’s economy is still struggling and revenues continue to come in below estimate. Add to that the fact that we have nothing in reserve and the realization that federal stimulus relief dollars are declining, and it is pretty easy to see how 2010 could be as bad as 2009 – if not worse.”


Adolph is focused on working with the House Republican Caucus to bring state spending back in line with revenues and eliminating the sort of quick-fix budget solutions that were implemented in the current year’s spending plan.


“This state and the people of Pennsylvania need stability, and they need a government that is going to look out for their long-term interests,” Adolph said. “Now, more than ever, we need to enact a fiscally responsible budget that reflects today’s economy.


“It is clear now that the way this year’s budget was pieced together only compounded our financial problems. If anything, it has shown that we need to think ahead and prepare for the unexpected rather than merely focusing on the present.”


Adolph will have little transition time into his new role in House leadership, as the Appropriations Committee will begin its 2010-11 budget hearings Thursday with a review of the state’s economic outlook. This will be the first of several budget hearings scheduled to take place this year prior to the governor’s Feb. 9 budget address.


“I am excited about getting to work quickly,” Adolph said. “We have a lot to consider this year, and the sooner we begin to take a look at what we are up against the sooner we can begin to lay the groundwork for what I hope will be an efficient and responsible state budget.


“It is going to be quite a challenge, but I look forward to the opportunity to help get Pennsylvania back on track.”


Prior to today’s election, Adolph served as Republican chairman of the House Professional Licensure Committee. He also currently serves as chairman of the board with the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA).


Adolph has served the people of the 165th Legislative District in Delaware County since first being elected in 1988.


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