Representative Adolph Elected Majority Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee

Adolph hopes to reinstate fiscal responsibility as the state faces serious financial challenges in the coming year 

State Rep. William F. Adolph Jr. (R-Delaware) today was elected by his colleagues in the House Republican Caucus to serve as majority chairman of the House Appropriations Committee for the upcoming legislative session, which will begin in January.  After today’s vote, Chairman Adolph released the following statement: 

“While I am very proud that my colleagues have again entrusted me with the responsibility of serving as the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, I realize we have an extremely difficult road ahead of us. Our state is facing at least a $3 billion structural deficit in the coming fiscal year, and it is going to take strong leadership and tough decisions to bring our state’s finances back into balance. 

“The people of Pennsylvania have made it very clear they want state government to control spending and manage their tax dollars more efficiently. Now, it is our responsibility to listen and get the job done. 

“We are committed to working with Gov.-Elect Tom Corbett and his administration, as well as the state Senate and House Democrats, to begin guiding Pennsylvania back on track. It is going to take a unified effort to help revamp our economy and bring jobs to communities throughout the state, but I am confident we can do it.” 

Adolph has served as the minority chairman of the committee for the last 10 months after taking over the leadership role in January; however, his role will now be elevated since House Republicans recently regained the majority in the state House. 

Adolph has represented the 165th Legislative District since 1989. Tuesday’s election marks the second time in which House Republicans have chosen Adolph to serve as a member of leadership and one of the caucus’s lead budget negotiators. 

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